August 11, 2010

Rather Uncomplimentary

Somedays pictures are just not worth a thousand words.
Where is Emily Post when you need her?

If I weren't entirely biased I'd say "ghastly"

Gollum on noodles.

What chance is there to get the shirt on inside out and backwards?

Sigh.... we've got a climber.

I had a brilliant idea to head down to the pumpkin patch. Every single mosquito in the entire western hemisphere went too! I rarely ever get bitten by mosquitos, maybe 5 bites a year. I had more this year than I had all the previous 40 summers. And of course I forgot my phone so I had to endure the torture down and back which is about a 1/2 hour round trip walk. I am quite sure I had entered a section that Dante forgot in the Inferno.
Anyway, the giant squash is not squashing, it's still plumping up.

The biggest pumpkin is over 600 pounds.... or so I was told. I find it quite embarrassing these days that Math used to be my best subject and I cannot figure out how they figured out how many pounds the pumpkin might be by mathematical calculations.

I still must say that I am gravely disappointed by these "giant pumpkins". I have a rather vivid imagination and I had imagined pumpkins that were 8 feet tall standing up-right in perfect formation... ok, maybe I was thinking about cinderella and peter pumpkin eater one too many times.

We even have GIANT weeds! They are well over the top of my head.

A little puddle in a pumpkin. I don't know why I found that funny.

We taste tested a giant watermelon.... note: we doesn't include me.... and it was not good

This baby's got problems!

What is this tiny little thing in the patch?! Looks like a golfball in comparison.

They even posed for the camera. I am not quite sure whether a hot shower or cold shower takes away the sting.... I tried both... and the sting didn't go away! But that's what I get for not putting on bug spray and putting on baby lotion... ok, I like the smell of it (oddly it is fragrance free) but apparently the mosquitos liked it too.

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