August 18, 2010

Meal Planning

I've had people ask how I manage meal planning in a large homeschooling family. The key is planning.... and teaching your children to cook when they are young.

I was unable to figure out how to post the list in PDF so to view follow THIS LINK.
We simply plan the week's meals from the list and have a copy of the grocery list printed front/back posted so we just check off as we need something.

And yes, I do have very nearly all my recipes on the computer that I print up and store in a binder in the kitchen, maybe I'll get those posted some day. But they are of course adjusted for our size family. ☺


  1. This is too funny because we have almost the exact same system, only we laminate everything around here. So we can reuse the grocery list over and over. Such an ink-saver. You know what they say: great minds! ;-)

  2. I'm on my way to laminating, too! I just wanted to get the list right first :) Wanted to wait a month and see what I forgot... what did I forget? Do you use wet-erase markers? Do you just erase in the store? And what about pesky children that like to lick the marker off? (haha) Maybe I should just email you!

  3. the link doesn't work for me... I'd really like to see it!

  4. Yes, just the dry/erase markers and then rub it off once it's in the cart. And we keep the "marker lickers" at home. ;-)

  5. Try the link again by refreshing and LMK if you can view it.