August 5, 2010


The workbox system is from Sue Patrick HERE. Last year I did use exactly her system. Which is a shoe rack for each child, plastic shoe boxes with each subject in them for a total of 12 boxes. I'm the same way with cooking, I have to try the exact thing first and then make my own changes. I guess I can't think outside the box til I thought in the box first... haha. Our first semester was really great last year, very smooth and we covered alot. Our second semester was much more tedious what with brain surgery, CPS and any number of other things but things still got done, just not my ideal. For my born organized friends which seems like every one of my friends, well, this will all sound really lame but it is great for us who aren't so born-organized!

This year however I bought bookshelves and bought these boxes (sterilite latch boxes in 2 sizes from walmart... yes, I confess I mail ordered from walmart...). All the books can lie flat in them. This is where it would be really handy to have a camera again.

Addedendum to original post:
The boxes come in sets of 6: 6.2 qt size which holds most subjects even a whole set of the Teaching Textbooks (book, Cd's) & 12.7 qt size holds the bigger subjects like history with text book, timeline book, historical fiction chapter book. We have 4 of the big ones and 8 of the small ones.

I also discovered MODG (Mother of Divine Grace) has some really nice lesson plans, for highschool they can be purchased individually and their syllabus for the lower grades is inexpensive. I'm a picker-n-chooser for school but this saved me quite a bit of work, esp for history and biology!


  1. OK, now I'm going to be obnoxious, lol. Since you cannot post a picture, could you post a link to the boxes you ordered? I just read her book and I would love to see what you ordered. I did not like the idea of the books being curled when I've got so many children to use them!! Meanwhile, I will go ahead and look for the boxes online. Thanks for your help, Julie!

  2. I posted the links in the text :)
    I was too lazy the first time!