August 2, 2010

Party of the Year

Happy 13th Birthday Galadriel!
Auntie made the beautiful cake complete with a tiny Galadriel figure on top.

Obviously we are celebrating for the pink gal among us!

Pink punch complete with animal ice sculptures.
Before I go any further, notice that *I* did not put on this party, it was held at grandma's.

Absolutely everything was pink, even the silverware!

A gigantic waterslide was set up. The blue part was 75 feet long, plus an added 30 feet. Later in the game they added the "small" waterslide to the end.

Just setting up and testing out the sprinkler system.

Cousins Trouble and Trouble II

Apparently the heavier you are the faster you go as Bilbo had to do alot of crawling.... see video below.
Poppy at the kiddie pool waiting to get in.

Woops.... where's that swim suit?

This is the la-z-boy version, a very fast la-z-boy I might add.

Obviously pictures don't capture the "woosh" effect.

Pippin was missing his swimming gear so he pulled out some from Grandma's stash. I wondered if he could read, it was very appropriate "I do my own stunts" (indeed he does!)

Then out came the soap, just to speed things up a little.
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

Just a little observer.

Out came the blow-up mattress.

At some point just about every lotion, soap and slippery substance had been tried and as you can see a mystery man was just sneaking out to open up the vegetable oil.....

The lighting of the 13 candles.

I wonder who came up with the brilliant idea to have the birthday person blows spittle all over the cake in the attempt to blow out the candles? I'm surprised there isn't a new law prohibitting this, you know with swine flu and all............
The 2009 grandbabies. Poppy is the hairless one...........
Boys will be boys no matter what size they are.....

Eowyn waiting in line for the food buffet.... naturally with her nose in a book!

Gift opening.

Scoping things out up at the barn. This is one of the newest calves, well, it was yesterday, there are a couple new ones up there today.

Here's the other cute little guy.
This is the newest one born on the farm-ette.
The horses.
Party's nearly over, time to take down the balloons. This is balloon popping business is right up there with scratching your nails on the chalkboard in my book *shivver*

7-1/2 hours later I decided I'd take a ride on the la-z-boy. It really is true, the heavier you are the fast you go.... I went reeeeeeeeally fast haha


  1. Dear Julie,
    What a wonderful day. So much fun and obvviously a thankful year for you all. How lucky to have all that extended family
    Birthday blessings to your sweet Galadriel. I love the pink theme, what a great Garandma!!
    God Bless

  2. Happy Birthday to your very special girl !


  3. Glad to see that Galadriel had a wonderful and Happy 13th birthday!

  4. Dear Julie,
    She and your family are still in my prayers. Thank you for posting the pics of her special day!

    She is an amazing girl, after this last year, I'm so glad to see how well she is doing.

    What a fun and wonderful party, and a beautiful cake. May God continue to bless you all.

  5. Beautiful, Julie! God Bless Galadriel!

  6. I am jealous. You did what I am sure most of us grownups wanted to do all day by sliding down at the end there! What a great party. Wish we could have stayed longer :( Hope everyone is healthy there.

  7. Happy Miracle Birthday to every one. What a wonderful day. May the blessings and happiness continue. Many happy returns of the day I wish you.

  8. Aw, what sweet photos! A happy birthday to the birthday girl, looks like a blast!

    Love the Jersey/Guernsey? cows!!!

  9. What a lovely, lovely party! The pink was so wonderful.