January 26, 2012


As an aside, I think what disturbs my mathematical mind is that the calendar "ends" on 12-21-20-12... I think it would have been much more interesting if it ended on 12-20-20-12....   or 12-21-21-12.... Sigh.  I admit, I'm a weird numbers kind of gal.  I'm *really* curious though, how are the Y2K people preparing for the world ending this time?  (from what I understand it's ended many times already, I must have been too busy with all these kids to notice)   Our stock pile for Y2K consisted of an emergency package of Snickers bars.  I know the food and wine in Heaven is really good so I can't think of anything I could bring... but a pure soul....  For those planning on moving into a hotter place, a stock pile of water probably won't quench the unquenchable fire for very long.... :D

The good news is that the Mayans were considerate enough to consider that Hobbit fans will get a week to enjoy the movie prior to ....  to.... to... whatever.

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