January 7, 2012

State Capitol Tour

 A handful of us took a tour of the State Capitol, a most impressive building.
 On this particular day they were cutting down the Christmas Tree.
 The marble is from all over the world.
 The dome is the largest granite dome in the world. 
 The 4 mosaics have about 100,000 little glass pieces... each.
The Govenor's conference room.  Cherry wood paneling, gold leaf, artwork.... just beautiful.
Tour guide... and Pippin.  On the way out... I kid you not.... Frodo slid down this bannister.  Good grief.
Supreme Court Room.  The mural was of the signing of the Declaration of Independence so contained many familiar faces with one rare portrayal of Ben Franklin without his glasses on.
Many of the rooms had these lovely "skylights" to let in natural light.  They were huge.

The Senate Chamber.
Loved this one.  A missionary priest with a crucifix teaching the Indians.  (the point was the mode of transportation as a canoe)
There are many fossils in the rock used inside the capitol.  I had this one "auto adjust" to show the fossil better.

Homeschooling group picture.  It was a most fascinating tour... one I'd like to go on again sometime.

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