January 29, 2012

Just a Bit of Nothing Much

I've been on a bit of a picture-taking hiatus.  But sat down today and checked out all 4 cameras and found that the children snapped some shots.  And took a number of videos.

 If you can believe it, Marigold turned 8 months old.  And loves her bath with the Barbarian.... AKA Poppy.
 Eowyn and Marigold.
 Galadriel and Poppy
 What?!  I think even a man could see that these don't match, however, and I kid you not... one of the children... Pippin I believe.... said that one of the shoes came off the sock in the wash... Mind you... the shoe/sock is an all-in-one-dealie.  Another said that it was alright because her feet would be inside her bunting and no one would see them.  Um... not ok with me. 

 There was a building of the snow fort.

 This is Rosie standing up.

 Off to other parts of the yard for more snow.
 This is all the kids.... including Sam standing up.  Read:  it's over 5 foot 10 inches (at least I think that is how tall Sam is.... but he hasn't been measured for a week so who knows.
So... if you come here sometime in April July, and you wonder why there is still snow in the driveway.... you know why.
And back in where it is warm the toddlers are.... um... flying on their stomachs like a baby before he can crawl?  Just sayin'.....

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