January 23, 2012

Happy Feast of St. Ildephonsus

Happy Feast Day to the Father of a Beautiful Spiritual Family.  Like Father like sons... and daughters.  Apples don't fall far from the tree....

If I had to pick a quote that reminds me most of Fr. Alfonso it would be this

Lost to myself I stayed, my face reclining on the Beloved,
everything ceased, and I abandoned myself,
throwing my cares among the lilies to lie forgotten.
St. John of the Cross

The success of a Beautiful Spiritual Family is found when the children learn to recline as St. John the Apostle did at the heart of Our Lord.   This is what Fr. Alfonso does, brings his spiritual sons and daughters to the heart of the Lord.  For there, we are never failed.
My favorite poem he wrote is this

If I should flee from your side,
Search for me again, my friend,
And, after having found me,
Take me back to the path,
to the place where you first found me.

and this

The murmur of the forest was heard
And far from there the turtle dove cooed,
When your sweet eyes looked at me
And mine in tears were bathed.
Spoke to you of my misery, quickly, more than speedily,
But shamefully and you asked me to cease my crying
And sing the sweet songs of love
And so my sins went into your hands,
Lost and forgiven and forgotten

Happy Feast Day to one of the most beautiful priests I've ever met.... and met in real life only 3 times but have
met on the computer at least once a week
.... and met numerous times, uncountable, in prayer and spiritual readings.


  1. Beautiful post.

    Now, if apples don't fall far from the tree, who does Poppy take after????

  2. Oh, Poppy clearly falls right off her mother's tree...

  3. LOL! And you are brave to admit it!!!!