January 31, 2012

More Prayers and Sacrifices Needed

Please pray for my ever-joyful and loving Aunt Helen who has beaten breast cancer twice already and I just received word that it's back again.  Her treatments will be aggressive and I know she could use any prayers and sacrifices anyone would be willing to offer for her and her family.

Also, please pray and sacrifice for Fr. Pedro, one of our beautiful priests, who will be having surgery on Feb 10th to remove a brain tumor that returned.  His brother priests could also use some prayers as well as much will be asked of them in addition to all God already asks of them.  Oh to have such faithful, dedicated and joy-filled priests! What a blessing!  But those are thoughts for another time, my thoughts right now are on prayer and sacrifices.

A word on sacrifices.... sacrifices go a long ways.  Anything can become a sacrfice... a gift to God... by merely offering up any and all acts in our day whether it be a prayer, a joy, a suffering, a good deed, a smile when you feel like weeping.  Fasting can come in all forms and isn't just limited to food.  The world is wide open to offering everything as an act of love to God.

And if you feel you have extra prayers and sacrifices left over, I'll take them!

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