January 18, 2012

Weird Weather

 This time last week we were basking in a beautiful and glorious 53 degree day.

 The kids were in the "pine woods" felling (dead) trees (no upsetting of any Ents in our woods) to work on their "house and barn". 

 Short sleeves, long sleeves, spring jacket, winter jacket....
 snowpants... you just can only take a wild guess in our neck of the woods what to wear.

 January and 53 degrees.  Amazingly lovely.

 Galadriel giving the ax a try.

 Shortly thereafter it began to snow.... which of course it meant it dropped some 20+ degrees.

 The Master Shoveler was the only one who wasn't rootin' for snow.

 I'm.... not.... sure.... what... or... why....?

 Marigold is working on her "finishing school" skills.

 Frodo is almost 12 and in our house the birthday kid gets to decide what he wants to eat for the day and at somepoint we take the birthday kid out to eat.  Frodo said he wanted octopus.  (hello? this is america? mom's a chicken-pork-beef-n-potatoes gal!  and you want octopus?!)  Soooo... what did Aragorn bring home today from the chinese gas station?  SQUID.  Now I had squid recently when a lovely friend of mine made some... mind you... cooked in its own ink... but they were little cute dainty squids that I initially mistook for cute little peppers grilled in a carmalized butter sauce.  But I can handle cute unique foods.  But this squid is huge.  And what does one do with it?  Anyone want to take me out to eat on Friday evening?

Marigold thinks she's skyping this awesome priest in Spain and carries on a conversation while I listen to his recorded homily.  Pippin will occasionally pop his head in and say hello and then ask, "Can he hear me?"   Thankfully no.

Incidentally, this morning it was *minus* 17 degrees on our way to Mass.... tomorrow promises windchills of *minus* 15-25 degrees.  Just sayin'......

My question is, "Why did the pioneers live here in the winter?!"


  1. We'll all have pneumonia by the end of this winter with this crazy weather.

    I so admire your children and their resourcefulness building their fort. Very clever.

    Marigold reminds me of a comic strip in an Issue of MAD magazine that I read in the sixties - a new kid in school was in gym class and the teacher wanted him to climb the ropes. He observed for a while and in the next frame, he was already half way up. When the teacher asked him what he learned about climbing from watching the other kids, he responded that the tongue does all the work - sure enough in that frame were about 8 kids climbing ropes, all with their tongues out.

  2. We asked the same question about pioneers in South Texas when the Army stationed us there. The heat! The endless, crushing heat! These days we travel north to visit family and enjoy the snow...but then, I don't have to shovel it anymore. Dad bought a plow after all his serfs, er, children grew up and left :-).