January 27, 2012

Signs of the Times

I took Sam in to open up a bank account.  I'm seriously scared... it was signing up for driver's ed yesterday and opening a bank account today.  On our way home he noticed every driverway had these little orange bags and he said we should see if we got one. I told him it was most likely a phone book. 
"A phone book? What's that?"
"It's a book with people's phone numbers in it."
"What do you do with that?"
My first thought was "You have a toddler sit on it to reach the table."  but then I was beginning to get perplexed wondering what part of my children's education I was very seriously missing.... like logic or something.  A few seconds later it dawned on me...
"Oh, well, you see people didn't used to have everyone's phone numbers stored in their phone, they had to actually look them up if they didn't memorize them."
"Oh" with the tone of "Was this while you were growing up during the Civil War?"

(Now time for a confession, I will admit it went through my head, does anyone even use a phone book? Doesn't everybody just look it up on the internet?)

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  1. I have had the same thought and am always tempted to recycle the phone book when it comes. Then I have the thought of losing Internet and put it into the bottom of the pantry. I love your blog. God bless your family!