December 23, 2010

Christmas Picture Taking Session

This was the best we got this year. The very last one we took was actually the best one... of course I had them say "Mom's the best!" and sure enough everyone smiled (we wouldn't have expected otherwise... *ahem*...) however when I went to copy it to my thumb drive to take it to the kiosk it was blurry... go figures! So we opted for this one instead.

Now I often get the "How do you do it? How do you get everyone to smile?" (or whatever). This year was our worst year for cooperation. It seemed someone always was off-kilter...mostly mom.... then again maybe that's the reality of the situation!

Wait... we forgot someone. POPPY?!

And you ask why they are barefoot, well, aren't they always? And looking for socks and shoes just wasn't on my list of ordeals before a picture taking session. Plus, I like their barefeet. I have a theory, hypothesis if you will.... that before the Fall of Man we had lovely hairy feet with leathery soles. Socks and shoes are one of the curses that isn't mentioned in Genesis. Truly.

The thinker.

Apparently Bilbo thought you might like to see his new white shirt.... or.... something?
Please visit Lady Modesty for their family photo session. I could not stop laughing.


  1. Photo challenges must be going around this year. We had a couple of tries, and your 'best' is still better than our 'best'. Thanks for the link to the hilarious post from Lady Modesty!

  2. Such beautiful photos and a gorgeous family!