December 13, 2010

Snow Removal and Macaroons

Just shoveling out the neighbor's truck that got stuck in the driveway. We have great neighbors!
Sam took these next pictures of the path he shoveled out front.

This week we made the Oatmeal Macaroons for Lady Modesty's baking challenge. I am not sure if we did something wrong or if they just had very bad taste back in 1910. I just know that these did not turn out good at all. Perhaps it had to do with being on the out-going side of the vomits, I'm not sure. If you like cookie dough maybe you'll like these. I do not like cookie dough and especially not in ice cream. (I think I am the only person in the world that doesn't like cookie dough ice cream, just the texture alone!) The first step was to soak oats in and egg/milk mixture til it soaked it all up. After 7 hours it still had not soaked it all up so we went ahead and made the cookies. I am glad we have chickens and dogs that will like these. Never a morsel is wasted around here! Better luck next week!

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