December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Oh Happy Fault That Won for Us Such a Babe Lying in a Manger!

Big Bird hung, dressed and strung... ready to pop into the oven at 5:15 am. Since I woke up at 5:07 without an alarm I put it in a little early and skipped the preheating.

I wonder why people worry about getting expensive play houses for their children (we do have 2 but one was a grand hand-made gift and the other was free for the picking-up) when a card table will do. I don't know how many times we put on the table cloth but it wasn't once. Poppy would yank it down and say, "Bye!"

Please note, there is a child with a broom in this picture. But notice it is not touching the floor.

She's not heavy, she's my brute sister.
Not only did I indirectly take a cock-eyed picture it re-rotated itself on this blog.
The Nativity was all set when Baby Jesus arrived. Of course it is beside the point that we forgot to bring up our big Baby Jesus since someone was borrowing our manger for a Christmas pageant. But He's coming! This is why there are 12 days of Christmas. Eventually everything is in it's proper place.

Big Bird cooking away. It turned out very moist and yummy. Methinks I will be cooking turkeys for dinner not lunch so as to be able to cook it at the more reasonable times of the day but it was worth it. Carcass will be made into soup tomorrow. And I can hardly wait for the cold turkey sandwich. YUM!

This is a no-reason picture except that I always chuckle when I see St. Michael slaying the dragon above the fire-of-hell.
The following are all the sections of our Nativity Set which you may go ahead and call my obsession. Of course one can hardly call a once-a-year set-up an obsession but I do enjoy adding to our collection each year. My mother has also added to our collection.
The Wine Shop

The Inn where there was no room.

The Town Well

The Fishing Shack and the Pond

This year we found a bigger stable at the last minute.

The 3 Kings' Tents.

Christmas Day is devoted to Baby Jesus and Family & Friends. However, we do a few little things for their stockings. This year it was water bottles (I mean the Klean Kanteen kind, not bottles of water) If you can believe I found 10 different colors. Toothbrushes and a few little things the kids picked out or made.

Poppy noticed everyone else had a stocking and a much coveted water bottle and she went round and round looking for hers.

And here is what I found in my stocking. $5 (Eowyn always gives away her money), some pictures, a bookmark, Frodo made giant sacrifice beads (I took the hint I should be making some big sacrifices) and some little chicks.

We invited 11 guests. Large families are always looking to grow a little larger. The children washed all the China that hasn't been used in ages and decided to use every last piece. It was pretty and they loved setting it up.

The centerpiece(s)
The grown up table.
The little ladies' table.
Aragorn carving Big Bird.
A view from above.

Our little tradition used to be to get our Christmas Tree the 4th Sunday of Advent but one year Christmas was a couple days after that to which we couldnt' find a single tree so we went to Menards and found this 12 foot Christmas Tree (ornaments are always welcome haha) Since not too many people buy 12 foot Christmas Trees the day before Christmas we got quite a deal. We ended up really liking a fake Tree, something which seemed to be an abomination in my past life.

I would like to share something with you. This is not Pippy Longstocking with her braids cut off, this is Pipping. And so you ask, what happened to his face. If you take colored tinsel, namely red tinsel, it pops off into millions of bits of glitter which my 3 stooges got all over the place in the time it took us to say good-bye to our wonderful guests. Showers, soap, microfiber doesn't work on glitter. Just so you know.
We are now off to Grandma and Grandpa's for food 'n fun 'n photos.
Merry Christmas!

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