December 12, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Voyage of the Dawn Treader was good movie. It's one I will buy to put on our shelf, it is one I can let the children watch by themselves without having to give explanations for behaviours. Good and Evil are clearly portrayed. Attire was fine. Etc. It could have been done better. But it should be seen. One important reason is that I want to see Silver Chair and Horse and His Boy made into movies! Those were my favorite books. (all about me afterall) Also, another reason is to support a decent movie. If we don't support the decent movies that come out we'll be stuck with more of the same garbage that comes out daily. I sat there watching the previews for movies and wondered who on earth would want to watch any of those. If you have no other reason that you spend upwards of a good 14 bucks, use it for the hopes of other decent movies.

We saw the 3-D version. I have come to the conclusion that I don't care much for 3D. It gives me a headache and seems almost like forced projection. My children have never seen a 3D movie so I'll take them to it but in the future.... if I have my choice... just give it to me flat!

VofTDT was quite varied from the book but kept the overall goodness of Narnia. With the way it was "re-written" it would have been very easy for them to put in false religion messages. There were sections of the movie that were slow and serene and other parts that were very action packed.

My absolute favorite part of the movie was anything with Eustace. He was outstanding as a brat, a true brat. Not that modern idea of brat that you see in movies (you know what I mean?) he was a true, old-fashioned brat. And he was spectacular. He was, to me, the star of the show.

The Dufflepuds were sorely cut short. (there is always hope for the "extended version" of the movie!) In this scene Lucy is captured rather than ... how it is in the book. But it was perfectly fine that way. But I wanted to see more Dufflepuddishness. They are so charming in the book! And in the old BBC movies. (The Old BBC Narnia Movies are charming and well done in a way that new movies just simply lack, where they are lost in special effects they make up for in their true-Narnianishness)

One controversial part I heard about before I saw it was the green mist. I actually thought that was rather interesting. Each time someone in the movie was tempted you'd see the green mist. I was pleasantly surpised that temptation was clearly meant to be avoided and that message was clear. There was not "everyone's doin' it" message at all. It was clearly, do good - avoid evil. I kept thinking, if only every time I'm tempted and about to fall there was a green mist I might be a better person! "Oh... there you are again! Thanks for the reminder. Let me re-think this move." Of course if that were the case it would be mighty foggy around here!

The battle with the sea serpent is rather lengthy and would probably be quite scary on the big screen for little ones. I found myself rather tensed up. But I'm not impressed by violence and action so I'm probably rather easily tensed up. The sea serpent was one ugly character.

I thought adding Gael was entirely unnecessary and aside from adding a few moments of endearment (not very well done) it was time wasted in an area that would have been better spent expanding more imporant parts of the plot.

The overall idea of the movie was that the crew was to find the 7 lost swords of the 7 lost Lords and once the 7 swords were together again the spell of evil would be broken. There was a bit of Lord of the Ringishness in this part in several ways. (But that's always alright!)

I'm looking forward to taking the children and getting their 2c. I think they will really like it. Our theory is always look at a movie for what it is and never expect it to be like the book.

I'm sure I had other thoughts on this movie but between the blizzard outside and the children's vomits inside and a severe lack of sleep.... my mind is racing like 60. But that's another story for another time.


  1. Thanks for your post on it... I was a bit down about the review of it (in regards to some of the bad behavior of lying, stealing, etc... in the film), so I'm glad you liked it and it has that green mist! LOL Now I am excited about it again!

    I need to email you and catch up! :)

  2. I really enjoyed the movie too and thought the actor who played Eustace was supreme. I just couldn't get over that such a young man could act such a wide range of emotions and seem natural.