December 5, 2010

Kittens, Wood and Disecting 2

I met with a friend of mine who had kittens to give away. We now have 5 kittens. NO, they are not indoor cats... we don't do indoor pets.... eventhough the pictures are taken indoors. (excuse my rather motley crew, obviously they dressed up for the picture taking occasion)

They children divided them up to the 5 oldest to share with their little. Frodo immediately pointed out the very fiesty male to be his (figures). He named him Panther. The other names are Rosie's: Blackie, Sam's: Fluffy, Eowyn's: Philomena, Eleanor's: Elizabeth

It takes a long time to haul a few days worth of wood. I had my choice to go out in the blustery, chilly day or stay in and fold mountains of laundry. I chose the laundry.

Sam's most recent dissecting project was a crayfish. A one-armed crayfish. And for Carrie.... there isn't a fetal pig listed in his dissecting (can you believe that?!)! However... there is a frog the size of a baseball mit and you are welcome to that project if you like!

I am not quite sure whether Sam is getting the idea of disecting or just hacking the poor creature up to bits. I on the other hand have given up even taking pictures of this event. What thrilled me in high school grosses me out now.

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