December 3, 2010


I snitched this quote from Lady Modesty...

“An excellent remedy for “the blues” and preventive of dumpishness will be found in this suggestion, “Keep the corners of your mouth turned up,” in other words, keep a smile upon your lips, even when you are alone. Try it. It acts like a charm. It keeps one in good spirits, and it drives the frown from other faces too. It acts like sunshine. It warms and brightens all it falls upon. A smile will suppress the angry retort that is dancing on the quivering lips. Smiling faces makes a peaceful, happy home.”
– Rev. Lasance 1908

My first thought was, "Oh, there's an idea, maybe I should try it!" My second thought was, "That is why we have so many babies, they are always ready to give a smile and a laugh." It really isn't because we don't have a TV.

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