December 20, 2010


I cannot believe Baby Bilbo is 3. 3 seems so grown up.
I still do not understand the idea of blowing spittle all over a cake before everyone takes a slice.

I'd like to say that Poppy is a star chess player but I believe she beseiged the came when a couple of the biggers were called to a higher chivalry (probably cleaning the bathroom....)

I would like you to take one guess what this is.
Nevermind you will never, ever guess that this was an EGG that one of our chicken's laid. Yes, an egg. No, the chicken did not lay a fingerling potato, I kid you not, that's an egg. Methinks we need to reconsider the chicken feed or something.

This week's baking challenge was Sour Cream Cocoa Cookies. We used melted butter for the "fat". Because rolling out and cutting cookies is rather time consuming, we followed the alternative for drop cookies. I thought they tasted pretty good. They were fluffy like a cake with crispy edges like a cookie. I think a light glaze drizzle would be a good addition.... or dipping them in pudding. Fatty things are never quite good enough without extra calories or extra fatty things to go with it!


  1. When I first read this I thought you wrote that your son was 3.3 years old. Then this ole' brain took another look and figured it out. ;-)