February 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday Aragorn's parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. There are now 35 of us-to-be-38-come-October. We held the party at a local (favorite) restraunt of ours.
The food was excellent, my favorite being the spicy pork slider and their home-brewed (brewery-brewed?) strawberry soda.
My piece of cake came with an enormous chocolate rose on it which I gave to Poppy. (the cake was delicious and apparently came from Costco... just to put in a little pitch for a delicious cake with mousse filling and frosting that even I approved of) Apparently the frosting put Poppy into some kind of stupor not to mention her pretty face!

No children were harmed in the washing of the faces.

Some of the children got interested in a lacrosse game that was showing on one of the tv's, oddly it was the Irish vs the Blue Devils.

I know, only my kids would find the bathroom signs interesting enough for pictures.

What on earth is that thing?!

Meeting of the Little Minds

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