February 14, 2011

Math Dice Game

I was asked to give an explanation on how the dice game worked, as I tried to write it out I realized it was very hard to explain in words without pictures. So I'll post it here. I'll be Vanna (without the blond hair) and Eleanor will be the game player :D
The supplies include a set of large foam dice (I got them cheaper at the local learning store but if you don't have one of those the shipping is free at Amazon over $25). Colored cards, the cards I used are the leftover remnants from our All-About-Spelling sets. One set of yellow 0-9, one set of blue 0-9 (yes I know a die only goes up to 6...!), one set of green 0-20 (yes, I know techically I wouldn't need 19 and 20), a red + and a red =.

So here we are set up to start the game.

We started with +1, so those dice stayed the same through the first number of times we played the game. (1 single dot die, 1 #1 die, 1 #1 blue number card)

Next is to roll the other die. (obviously she got a 4)

Then match the die with the digits on it with the number of dots. (4 dots = #4 die)


Next is to find the number card that matches the dice.

Next is to find the answer on the number card.

Then finally she reads the number sentence 4+1=5.
None of the others needed something remedial like this, but I'm glad we found something that seems to be clicking for her.

Other helpful things you can add to your system are frog or teddy bear counters (the frogs were Frodo's -the bug lover)

Math-U-See has these really great Manipulative Blocks. They are have a great easy math program that is ideal for struggling math students. It helped Eowyn very much, I simply started her at the beginning a couple/few years ago when she was struggling and she whipped through the early levels. I wish I had just kept her in it but since we can't sit still for a minute we have wandered to other programs for her. I prefer something more "meaty" when it comes to Math but this is great for strugglers.

Here are a couple sample pages from the teacher edition.

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