February 2, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Blow, Let it Snow

Who knows how much snow we've gotten this week since drifts vary from a dusting on the ground to 10 feet (says the weather man at Weather Underground). The wind blew all last night like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz.

Just the kittens. No other reason but that they were there.

Plowing out the... porch.

Some people pay good money for a frosted door like this. We got it for free from Jack (Frost).

And while the entire southern part of our state is under a "civil emergency" (whatever that is) and schools, I would guess, are closed. Besides shoveling we will be studying. We get non-snow days.

Funny drifts up to the armpits of the 14 year old and the bottoms of the boots on the 4 year old.

Last night Aragorn tried to make the 6 mile trek to do the chores and had to turn around when a car was stuck in drift up to it's roof. This type of situation with or without cars in the drifts happened 3 times when my determined man decided to turn around and come home. The drifts were over 4 feet high in the roads. And that was 8pm last night. So he didn't make it there. After the winds blowing and gusting 25-50 and in some places 55 mph, I can only imagine we'll be staying put for a while!

Yesterday Sam wasn't able to do his Biology project because... haha... he needs a grassy patch to work in. so instead he picked a project. So he got this set up.... on the dining room table. Let me just say if we ever add on to our house, I mentioned I'd like a science room. Somehow he was able to move his experiment to the top of the fridge. Which is better than all the stuff that can accumlate there. I have 2 pet peeves (among many) junk on the fridge and junk under beds! But I think I can make an exception to a science experiment on the fridge so long as there isn't one under the beds!!

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