February 20, 2011

Totally Hip Baby

Mohawk Baby

This week's surprise off-topic picture is just proof what happens when the girls are gone and I have gone to meet a couple friends for lunch, leaving behind 6 Male-Creatures and Poppy. Yes, that is a gigantic hole in the wall. But, I'm sure they had a good time while I was gone. And don't ask what happened to the stuff that was in the cabinets that were removed... .I didn't take a picture of that part of the room!
In reality, this is one part of our very long project of simply moving our "work kitchen" (do not wait at the edge of your seat for the parade of homes kitchen... we go for unique and one-of-a-kind and practical.) My dream kitchen has a place for the gigantic (ugly) practical mixer that can be wiped down easily, my dream kitchen has a place for bread for a family of 12, my dream kitchen has a place for potatoes and onions (there is nothing worse than the smell of lost potatoes and lost onions...), my dream kitchen comes with a little pixie that lives in my refrigerator and pops out to say "leftovers go on the top shelf, ketchup goes in the door..."
Currently we are using the 2 stoves in the new kitchen, the sink in the old kitchen (without counter space), refrigerator in the old kitchen, mixer in the old kitchen, upper cabinet on the floor with plates and cups.... you get the idea why I've gotten lost in my own kitchen(s). Grocery shopping day is tomorrow, monumental amounts of paper plates, paper napkins and paper cups are on the list! :D

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