February 25, 2011

Ski Trip

I grew up as an avid skier. Of course not a sport that a family of 12 gets to enjoy at $40+ a lift ticket alone. But the local Catholic School had a field trip to a ski hill for $10 which included the rentals and lessons and ski pass for the entire day. We were delighted to be invited. The 5 oldest went this year and absolutely loved it. Though I have noticed today that there are alot of groans and moans and talk of aching muscles with things like "Don't I usually use all my muscles?!" (obviously not!) Next year I plan to go and probably add on a few more children to the mix.

Poppy Tellatubbie

Kay who has this endless supply of energy.

The 3 Stooges and their Commander-ette-in-Chief.


Eleanor suffered over not going but 2nd graders and down needed a parent, so next year she can make her debut.
Rosie and the girls' friend Allie.
The only shot I got of Sam was from the window of the ski lodge as Sam, Frodo and their friend were going up the lift.

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