February 1, 2011

Day Trip

For Frodo's Birthday he got a trip with his God Parents to a few special places.
The first stop was at the parish where a few of our priests were moved to. To say how excited Frodo was to be able to see the priests, well, I don't have words.
The church itself was... interesting... but I heard the homily was incredible! :)

Frodo says this is the baptismal font.
The rest of the commentary will be from Frodo... for the most part.
This is a steamboat that was by the museum.

This is a goat thing-a-bee.

This person looks like his is real. He's taking parcels out of the boat.

He's selling his things to the Indian for trade.

I don't know what kind of tools they are but they are some kind of Indian tools. I think this is a pretty good picture of them.

This is me and Rosie.

I think this is the stuff in an Indian's tackle box because I think there is a fishhook in it.

That's the thing-a-bee that they idolize. That the Indians idolize.
This is the Indian's monstrance, I think it is.

This is the Indian headdress.

This is the Indian's musket.

Now we are at the Aquarium along the Mississsippi. This is the sea horse which was the size of my thumb... or about *this* long. (to which he said about 4 or 5 inches.... I did promptly check the size of his thumb *phew* not the size of a seahorse) Daddy said these are the biggest sea horses there is.

Let me see.... this is a ... fish.

This the striped pajama fish. (Is this really what it is called?) No, that's just what I called it.

The fishes going to school. The stingray is the school teacher.
This is a sting-raith.
Ok... so we are Lord of the Rings Fans... what did you expect this would be?
That's a shark! This is the biggest one at the aquarium.

The sting-raith again.

The old-fashioned typewriter. ____________ said this wasn't very interesting but I thought it was.
These are the beaver skins, you flip them over and they say how much they are traded for.

This was the water thing. There's these things, ducks going in a circle and sharks going around through the water. Uncle _____ and Uncle _______ were pushing little button things and water was coming out.
Are you any closer to having any idea what this is??? Me neither! :)

The beaver's lodge like Mr. and Mrs. Beaver from Narnia.
This is Mr. Beaver.

This is the room with many pictures.

This is the over-sized stuffed animal turtle.
We were watching a movie in 3D about sharks and there was one that was 60 feet long! His mouth could open 5 feet. But if you meet one you are quite safe because they don't eat people, they are scared of them.
Funny, my children can open their mouths 5 feet the minute Aragorn or I get on the phone and they aren't 60 feet tall....

We are back outside here and that is the back-end of a boat.
The big snow monster. It was made out of snow. It was a monster? I don't know what it is. But there is one that looks like an elephant. There are some made out of ice.

This is the stable on the boat. There was a miniature boat... these are fake horses too.
The clam catcher. He is hanging the clams on strings to dry them.

These are all the clams he caught, they were in the bottom of his boat.

This is a picture of an eagle even though it looks like it is real. But it doesn't look flat like a painting, was it 3D? Uh, yeah, I think.
This is like a plastic cave. It just goes in a circle and there are walls in it. There is nothing else in it? There is um, whatever they are What is "whatever they are"? Crystals or whatever they are.

This is a lady going fishing.
This was her swimming/water gear. Neat!
This is the um... thing for steering the boat... the wheel. We were able to turn it.

We were trying to touch strange fishes that feel like sharks. We could reach in the water and try to touch them. We had to wash our hands with soap and water afterwards. Did you know that Aunt _______ isn't cowardly? She isn't afraid to pick up fish.

This is the grotto made out of rocks and shells.
This was in Dickeyville
This is inside the gift shop. It is a statue of Mary holding Baby Jesus.


  1. Are those scalps on the Indian Headdress?
    Who were the missionaries who were with the Indians?
    (I am guessing that's where the Monstrance came from)
    I loved the captions under the photos, and the fishes.
    Thanks for sharing your day trip.

  2. Haha!!!! I think his comments are great! I think I enjoyed them more than if you had posted. Great idea!

    Loved the name for the ray! LOL