January 31, 2011

Baking Challenge Week 11

This week's baking challenge with the Farmer's Wife Baking Cookbook book and Lady Modesty was the Yolk Sponge Cake. I had not tasted the cake when this picture was taken. The hand was a quick nab of the 3 year old while Galadriel snapped a shot. But after I tasted it and saw this picture all I could think of was, "You can have it!" I did not think this tasted good at all. I will admit being persnickety about cake. I like a nice soft cake, never dense. I must be particular because I like my cakes naked. I am not a lover of frosting. As a child my youngest sister was a frosting-aholic so it worked out nicely for me. I digress... This cake was a bit like eating a sponge with a little sugar. I'll rate this as a 1 since it does have sugar in it which must have some redeeming quality. And in one moment (literally one moment) I did have almost a sense that there might be some good in this poor little cake... if.... perchance.... you needed a penitential cake or have been on a Narnian Ship on rations for 8 months or in the desert for 40 days. This might be rather tasty. But given the circumstances and considering I have a lovely bar of Green's and Black's MILK Chocolate with Almonds sitting on my dresser... methinks I will generously and lavishly and with complete relish, leave the cake for the children to consume. I may even play "cool mom" and let them have it for breakfast. (I'm sensing a new verse to Bill Cosby's "Dad is great! Givin' us chocolate cake!")

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