January 23, 2011


If you can believe it, Frodo just turned 11. He's still eagerly awaiting some kind of growth spurt. But being that we have a 14 year old in the house as well, I am not so eagerly awaiting that growth spurt. I kid you not, Sam must have grown 3 inches in 1 week as his Church pants were 3 inches too short and the week before they fit him, not to mention I just bought him size 10-1/2 shoes and now he already needs 11's.

A small portion of our homeschooling group meets every other week for a spiritual talk given by one of our priests. This past week also happened to be Frodo's birthday so we had a little breakfast to make his day a little more special.
One of the mothers so kindly brought a fitting dunce cap birthday hat.

Cupcakes for breakfast, we know who the cool mom is in the group!!

Add Image Frodo received this great sled from some of his absolutely most admired friends.

When I was picking and choosing pictures for this post this one cracked me up. Do I see horns or are my eyes deceiving me?! chuckle

That night I took Sam and Frodo to see True Grit. This is the 2nd time I saw it since I went once with Aragorn a couple weeks ago. This was their first western and they enjoyed it. It is rated PG13 and the reason is that there are some bad words (the usual western bad words as opposed to the other more modern and less appreciated... not that any are appreciated...) and for the shooting. I prepared the boys for this ahead of time. Frodo informed me that he doesn't seem to catch the bad words but he was looking forward to the shooting. I didn't grow up with boys so let me tell you, raising them is verrrrrrrry interesting. Galadriel and Eowyn on the other hand have seen a couple westerns and they don't like them at all. Shooting? Why?! So when I teasingly invited them to go with us they adamently flat out declined. haha

Sam has been experimenting from The Bread Bakers Apprentice bread baking book. These were the cinnamon buns he made. They were good but we both agreed that he should have let them rise after they were formed for a longer period of time.

Because life is funny........ our poor ol' refrigerator has been suffering a slow and painful death and finally after months of problems we finally have a refrigerator (mind you we ordered the original one back in October). Aragorn brought it home last night and you will notice that the fridge is not inside the house. Although it said it fits in a 34" doorway... it doesn't. So it is either tear down the house or take the handles off the fridge... and possibly the doors.
Do these things happen in other homes or are we just special?!


  1. they got our big ol' fridge in here by opening the doors and coming in at an angle. Hard to explain, but it worked like a charm.

  2. err, opening the refrigerator doors I mean. :)