January 10, 2011

Life Is What It Is

So Monday is grocery and errands day. One lucky child gets to go with me as we usually have 2 very full carts oddly, today we only had 1 and not even packed full. I truly am the queen of "green bags". You would not believe how many we have, but they beat "plastic or paper" any day, they have handles that don't fall off and well, they hold stuff! Today we drove the "tiny" car and had great parking spots... I squealed... with room to spare to open the doors without fear of touching the neighboring vehicles. It was a very weird sensation. But as I came out of the first store I noticed my car (I could find it easily because it was next to the cart trolley.) .... it was *big* compared to the cars next to it. I was baffled as I kid you not the thing is "tiny".

As the nice black man came to put the groceries in my car .....
Him: "Are you Amish or Mennonite?"
Me: If you wear a modest skirt you are Amish or Mennonite?! No one else but weirdos like me wear them?! "No.... I'm Catholic." Him: "Are you orthodox?"
Me: "Yes" Wait, I wonder if there is an off-shoot of Catholic that is called orthodox that isn't orthodox? "I'm Roman Catholic."
Him: "Is Roman Catholic different from just plain Catholic? pause Oh... or do some just follow the rules better than others?"


  1. "...or do some just follow the rules better than others?"

    I like his way of thinking! ;-)

  2. Oh, now that was funny. Don't you just love clueless people?

  3. I love that conversation. That is so fantastic. That fellow summed it up perfectly: yes, some of us follow rules better than others!