January 30, 2011

Addedendum to Date Your Husband

(is addedendum a word? I bet Lady Modesty knows... haha)

I woke up this morning and remembered where I got this idea of the daily date. Back when we were preparing for marriage, we had this absolutely wonderful priest, Fr. Kunz (may he rest in Peace). I believe it was during one of our prep classes (which I begrudge not taping!) he mentioned how every evening when his father came home, he and his wife would sit down at the table and discuss the day. Every child in the house knew that this was their time alone and knew that for no reason whatsoever were they to interrupt this time. To me this struck me as so beautiful. Of course back then I was very ideal (whoever this character was who lived in a shoe obviously just didn't have it together.... amazingly... I now live in a shoe!! haha... kidding... sorta). I guess I don't have the same grasp on my children as they did as I can envision a daily date while my children are still awake and it is more like a million interruptions, the baby crawling on the table, nevermind beggers (you know my children are never fed.... but only breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon....etc...)

However, that said, my children do have a true appreciation of our dates. So much so that sometimes they will say "I'd like to buy you a candy bar for your date." and often they make things for our date like a homemade pudding or whatever. If I bring home something from the grocery store special for our date they may look longingly but get this interesting excitement when the see it is for our date. I think children naturally know that moms and dads are meant to be together, stay together and spend time together... alone... and they appreciate that.


  1. Hi,
    Yup, it's a word, just spelled differently.

  2. No, "addedendum" is not a word. The correct word is "addendum" which means: something added or to be added. Wow, I should have been a teacher! Where DID I go wrong? ;-)

  3. Hm... well, maybe I'm thinking "Adde-dum-dum" I'm sure that's a word because I do it all the time! hahaha :D

  4. We have been praying and praying for more children. So the other day my 14 yr.old son said, so innocently, "Mom, if you and dad don't go on a date soon, then we are never going to have any more children!!!" LOL