January 2, 2011

St. Basil the Great

I love the lives of the saints. Daily I try to read from the Butler's lives of the Saints which follows the old calendar. I also get a daily life of a saint in my email each weekday but these follow the new calendar. So in the new calendar the saint for today is St. Basil the Great. I had gone to a Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic School for grades 7 & 8 so we daily prayed to St. Basil. That was what first drew me to really read this saint email for today but then what really grabbed my attention was that he was 1 of 10 children *and* both of his parents became saints as well as a number of his brothers and sisters. He only lived 49 years and in that time founded many monasteries as well as earned the title of Doctor of the Church. I figure I have 8 years to catch up to him..................!

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