January 18, 2011

Lands' End Addiction

If you have a Lands' End clothing addiction like I do, they have an amazing clearance sale must-see. Incidentally this addiction isn't that everyone has lots and lots and lots of clothes, it's because there are lots and lots and lots of us and that makes for lots and lots and lots of clothes. I just wanted to clarify.


  1. You and my mother share the same addiction. ;-)

  2. My mother's addiction is LL Bean. LOL Used to be a lot worse when she worked for them and had access to the employee store! LOL

    Me? it's easy NOT to be addicted since we never have extra money for these things! :-P

  3. Well, some of the prices were amazing $2.98 for t-shirts and shipped free. I love not going out my door! And maybe I should have added, my addiction to LE isn't always well-satisfied!! But this sale sure helped :D