January 23, 2011

Collard Greens and Mustard Plaster

Red Onion Greens with Bacon
I have never listened to Zorba Paster before on public radio but I was out the other day with Aragorn and he had him on. What a funny character. Anyway, he posted this recipe. And please excuse to bowl. I said to one of the children, put it in a nice bowl for dinner so he put it in a tupperware...! Anyway we had it for dinner this evening and it was pretty good for green stuff but I splattered it with a little white vinegar and that made it quite good. We substituted regular bacon for turkey bacon. You can find the recipe HERE.

Photo from tipnut

I got this recipe from "tipnut". A mustard plaster is an old time remedy for cold and flu symptoms.
4 Tablespoons of Flour
2 Tablespoons of Ground Mustard
* Mix those together then add enough water to make a paste (not to water but able to spread)
* Then you take the paste and spread it over half a cloth (like a flour sack towel or piece of flannel whatever size you need)
* Then fold the towel in 1/2 as you don't want the paste directly on the skin as it can cause burning and blistering.
You may warm this up slightly (do not get it too hot as you don't want it to scald or turn hard)
Apply to the chest and/or throat for no more than 1/2 hour at a time and every 4-6 hours.
My Experience (which may be different than yours so don't yell at me):
The first time I applied this only to my throat/neck and it felt better for a couple hours after I removed it. The 2nd time I applied it to the chest up and throat/neck. I felt quite a bit better as far as the sharp pain and headache and my sinuses seemed clearer.
I did not warm it up either of those times but I could feel the warmth that the mustard produced and I turned red where it had been. They say to be careful as it can cause blistering if left on too long.
It also said not to use on children under the age of 6 because of their delicate skin. I suppose the strength of the ground mustard used will make a difference. I just used ordinary ground mustard.
* All that said I should add on here that this is meant for respiratory issues to which my ailments haven't floated down that low yet but it sure helped the swollen glands on the left side. Maybe I should try putting one over my entire head! That would make a good picture I'm sure!

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