January 9, 2011

Car Quandary

I realize my first thoughts of the morning should be entirely on Our Lord and things of Heaven. But a very close second this morning was on cars. CARS! Good grief, I know I need therapy! If there is any topic I wish not to discuss it is cars. But I awoke with a chuckle.
This is(n't) my car... my new tiny car... I'm sure anyone from Europe or California thinks this is like a bus. I was at the grocery store recently and I always seem to have the same young lad load my groceries, he's a funny little chap. Well, this time there was a young lad from England helping him. He hopped up into the 15 passenger stopped looked around and in his strong English accent say, "Woah, this is a big van... chuckle-chuckle... this is really big, I've never seen a van so big...." and both boys proceeded to discuss the amazing size of my van which I think might have been as big as their house from their talk. Anyway, this new car is nice and small and what I thought might fit in those "compact car" spots. When I test drove one I actually got to park it back into a spot the size of, well, it seemed to me, a postage stamp compared to what I usually park in. My first thought was "I can't possible get back into that spot, do I have to park there?!" But my next thought was "How on earth will I ever find my car in a parking lot." I kid you not, I have always found my car by just scoping the lot for the tallest car. I was at the hospital the other day with the 3 seizure-kiddos for their appointments and I get a special spot called Over 6'8" We are a very close 7' ... I know because at the same said hospital I tried to park in the ramp and there was an exasperating scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape, now try backing out of a parking ramp.......
That said, one of my deep thoughts this morning upon waking was about a Mini-cooper. Someone I know very well just got one. Incidentally, she did not get the groovy one pictured above but the above just shows the personality of one of these! I can imagine that kind of car is only for lovers, married couples who still like each other or really close friends. My dream mini-cooper is a little red one... yeah.... I have a thing for red. I'm guessing you could fit 2 of these in a compact parking spot.
Well, those are my lofty thoughts for this morning. We start back to school tomorrow after vacation, my thoughts are likely to be a little giddy knowing the intensity of the next 4 months!!!

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