January 23, 2011

Baking Challenge Week 10

For this week's baking challenge from Lady Modesty and the Farmer's Wife Baking Cookbook we made the Frosted Nut Cookies. The main reason for choosing those is that most of the others contained raisins and dates..... smooshy things inside a nice cookie is against my cookie morale. The Cheese Torte sounded interesting but we didn't have everything on hand.

These Frosted Nut Cookies are actually a bar and had a good taste and a nice texture but seemed to me they need a bit of work. Maybe it is because I have a cold and my tastebuds are off. I believe we were suppose to sprinkle the top with nuts but we mixed them in. I'm not a huge fan of nuts in my bars and cookies so I'd like to try them sprinkled on top with the frosting layer. I wonder how they would be with some chocolate chips instead of the nuts. It does seem to me good imported chocolate is always a cure for just about everything that needs work! I also think that most of these recipes we've been doing have alot of sugar! Since these recipes seem to be from the early 1900's I wonder if the Great Depression was caused by an over-use of sugar!!!

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