December 24, 2011

Children's Choir and Preparations

 We have a splendid group of girls for our children's choir.  To thank them for their hard work we had a little pre-Christmas party celebration.

 I received one of the sweetest, most precious Christmas cards from my Little Soprano, I can't help but share.  It brought me such a delightful laugh and smile.
 Gingerbread cookies
 Truffles!  And not pictured were the brownie sundaes.
 Friends for life.

 A beautiful exchange of gifts.
 St. Cecilia boxes.

 Back at home Baby Jesus is making His way into the mangers.... and hopefully in everyone's hearts.
 I don't know but to have the innocence and adoring love of a baby is the way to go.
 He loves me!
 Eleanor begged me for a week now that she just had to have bangs.   (why are they named bangs?)  Galadriel cut her hair, I helped with the bangs.  There were several comments about "now that you look so different, I sure hope you act different."  (meaning an improvement)
 Peer pressure
 Lots and lots and lots of hair and curls.  The oldest ones didn't want bangs as they remember "what a pain it was to grow out"

I think each one had about 5-6 inches cut off.

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