December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Gift Giving

 Wow.... thank you to the person who so generously gave us this beautiful Nativity. It's huge! I think the biggest one is almost 3 feet tall!

Sam and Aragorn whipped up a little manger to house the Holy Family and their visitors.

 We had an extra Christmas stocking in the pile so we gave this one to Baby Jesus. The children drew pictures for Him.  The idea was to place our special sacrifices in there but I guess those just remained in our hearts.... but that's alright, I know He finds them.

Aragorn gave this to me.  It's an oval frame/reliquary with SIX relics.  In my heart I really only had this inner desire for 1 and God brought me six.  Never underestimate in what generous ways God will bless you when you just ask.  It's believed to be from the 1700's and contains the Holy Relics of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis de Sales, St. Francis Xavier, St. Anthony Abbot, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Nicholas of Bari.  Too precious.  I fluctuated between a desire to jump up and down and squeal and remain speechless.   Aragorn wouldn't answer where he got it so my guess is Craigslist where all good and interesting things come from.... Wow. 

 Then there were the fun stocking stuffers.  Aragorn picked out some pocket knives for the big boys and some interesting to bizarre flashlights.

 I picked out some awesome flexi hair clips for the girls.  They seem to be practically indestructible.
And I had Masses said for everyone individually... except in the cards I made to put in the stockings I had put 2011.... when it's 2012. Typical coming from the one who doesn't usually get the year right until February or March.
 My stocking was filled with great little gifts including a $5 (do I smell chocolate?) and a handcarved wooden spoon from Frodo!

 Anyone who knows Pippin will find this shirt, I couldn't resist, hilarious.   Fitting.
 I am posting our ever-growing Nativity Set in 3 sections. 

 It's my little Christmas funsie.

 Baby Marigold's first Christmas. Grandma (my mom) kept up with the tradition of giving every child a Christmas stocking. My grandma had made them for me and my sisters back in the day and I still have very fond memories of those stockings.

Marigold tried using those razor sharp teeth of hers to open up some gifts (mostly hand-me-down toys) the kids put in her stocking.

 Why it is cute when a baby sticks out her tongue?

Ok..... this was entirely not planned.  Galadriel took this one with the generour cooperation of Frodo.

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  1. I so enjoy your Christmas celebration pictures!! ...taking notes on that gorgeous table for my celebrations 15 years from now!!

    Merry Christmas!!