December 25, 2011

Midnight Mass 2011

Merry served at Midnight Mass as boat boy.  He was delighted.  The story is he fell asleep in his seat during Mass and had to be awakened. Thankfully he doesn't snore.... much...
This was his first time at the altar. Congratulations Merry!

Our Midnight High Mass was lovely albeit interesting, the events that lead up to it.  Perhaps that is why it ended up being so lovely.  We had an organist who was just great. He ended up very ill and unable to accompany for Christmas.  Wow.  Talk about a test.  Our Latin Mass choir who was going to be missing some very key voices as well, decided to rally.  All hearts and voices were on board, even without an organist... until a wonderful soul-in-our-choir decided she'd be able to accompany.  It was such a blessing. We all had a wonderful time preparing and singing for Midnight Mass, our choir is always full of laughs.  We had some odd faux pas during Mass like when I (who was attempting to bring everyone in on time) completely blanked out on one of the responses so it ended up sounding like the teacher out of Charlie Brown, but otherwise I think it turned out lovely, probably because our hearts were in it only to please Our Lord... with a side hope that no one would be covering their ears screaming "My ears they're bleeding!" (Captain Haddock from the new Tintin.... chuckle)

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