December 27, 2011

Christmas Martyrs

Our Lord came for one purpose.... to die.  To die to save us from our sins.... to die to re-open the Gates of Heaven. To die so that we can have Eternal Life.  So we, too, are here to die.  To die that we might have Eternal Life.  How willing are we to die for Christ as He died for us?

December 26th -  St. Stephen the first martyr - the reminder that we are called to willingly suffer for Christ, even if it means the shedding of our own blood.
December 27th - St. John the Evangelist the white martyr - a reminder that we are called to go out and preach (by our example) Christ crucified no matter how disliked and dishonored we may be, this is an interior martyrdom of spirit.

December 28th - The Holy Innocents - those first innocent children who died to save Our Lord - they are a reminder to us to protect innocent life, to accept life, to see every life as precious.

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