December 26, 2011

Christmas Pageant and Dinner

Eowyn was our Narrator... of course.... ever loving bookworm that she is.
Poppy was an angel.... go ahead and laugh!

Marigold was Cousin Shepherdess' lambie.
Pippin as King "Horrid" with his Cousin Scribe and Cousin Drummer Boy

Cousin Drummer Boy
The Annunciation.  Angel Gabriel played by a cousin and Galadriel plays Mary.

The Visitation.  Rosie playing St. Elizabeth.
Cousin plays Baby Jesus
The Nativity
The Angelic Poppy decided she needed to kiss Baby Jesus and lie down in the manger with him.
King Herod's palace.
Woops.... one of the Kings forgot his he had to race back and get the gold.
"Never put your back to the people" part was forgotten.... haha
At the stable.
Eleanor was also a Shepherdess

The End.

After the pageant we had a lovely dinner.  TWENTY courses was what I counted but there may have been more.
Everything was set up absolutely beautifully.... including the annual Christmas poppers.

The Christmas Cracker-Poppers things contained a crown...
.... toy and a riddle.  Just a little family funsie.

There is always one or two in the bunch who seems to be the one to put as many crowns on as possible. Usually one of mine. This time it was two... Merry and... Pippin.  Who else?
Merry entertaining Marigold with his little gadget toy.
I wahn sum....
Ewwww.... spicy.
Sparkling Apple Juice (just in case anyone was getting upset)
Grandpa and Marigold
The big boys
The toddlers
The cookies!
The babies

Guess what happened next? :D 

The Queen in her palace.
The jesters doing... whatever it is they do.
Pippin in a drunken sugar stupor.
Best Auntie always has some fun project.  This time it was a castle to set up and color.

Merry Christmas!


  1. What a lovely celebration! It looks very homey.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!

    I hope that our children will get together like this with their children one day.