December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Lots of great life stories of St. Nicholas at The St. Nicholas Center.

It was really tempting not to get those neat bags from Menards that said "Coal" on them but since St. Nicholas was about the mercy and love of God, I refrained...!  As I type I think the children have asked me about 100 times (each) if they can open their stockings. Mean mother of the year is waiting for them to finish their lunch and do their duties as I know that once they hit those chocolate gold coins I'll spend the rest of the day scraping Pippin off the ceiling... it's beside the point he only has 3 in there.... I was feeling generous.  Not to mention, their duties are more likely to get done well in anticipation of a few little gifties.  :)  I'm sure you are wondering what's in there.... simplicity.  That's what's in there... simplicity.

I love celebrating the saints! 
My question is, how did St. Nicholas, who was a bishop morph into a fat man with a wife?  I can get the toys idea through his generosity but I don't get the wife.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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