December 18, 2012

Children's Choir Outing

 Our children's choir had an outing to see A Christmas Carol at the Overture Center.  It was a most fabulous time.
 We started with a visit at a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. 
 From there all 16 of us walked over to the Overture Center.

 We had absolutely splendid seats right near the front.
This picture of the old organ didn't show up real well but it was at this moment that an usher approached me and said I"m not allowed to take pictures inside the theater.  Oh.

That said, the performance was spectacular, the costuming was splendid and the acting was really good.  IT was fun to see Scrooge was an actor we have seen at the local Shakespeare Theater a couple times.

Following the program we went to Hometown Buffet  where we pigged-out had dinner.  I don't know why I forgot to take pictures there.  We spent 2 hours eating and chatting. It was really a very enjoyable way to spend Gaudete Sunday!

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