December 18, 2012

Holiday Giveaway

Now, normally I don't post commercials but today I am because this comes from Lady Modesty and I adore her... let me count the ways....

Anyway, she is hosting a Holy Day :) give and receive giveaway. This benefits those who are looking for a place to give a little something extra for someone this Christmas in an opportunity of generosity. And doubles as an opportunity for needy souls to get a chance to receive something that might be helpful to them in some way.  Part of our lessons in humility includes both giving when God blesses us with extra and accepting when it is our turn to receive.  Sometimes a sudden job loss or tragedy in life warrants our chance to allow someone to just do something nice for us.  Accept that, it is part of the circumstances of our lives to help us grow more deeply in love with God.  And let me tell you from experience, although I prefer to be on the giving end, God has blessed me with opportunities to allow someone to be generous torwards us.  And it is a very touching thing to see truly generous hearts. And you may be pleasantly surprised at who has some hidden gift to bring you some little joy.... and... perhaps.... you have some hidden joy you could bring to someone else.  So... join in the fun and spread the joy and check out Lady Modesty's Give-away!

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