December 1, 2012

Spiritual Bouquet for Our Bishop

Fr. Z is the president of our local Traditional Latin Mass Society... yeah... right here in our diocese, neat or what?  Anyway, he is putting together a Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Morlino's birthday.  If you belong to my parish you will be getting one, if you would like to generously submit an on-line format visit Ben's blog here  If you don't know Ben... you should.  One of the finest young men I've ever met.


  1. I keep meaning to ask someone is Fr. Z part of the Madison Diocese now? I know he will be saying the Latin Mass at Holy Redeemer. Is this every Sunday??

  2. Not sure if an official announcement has been made but I have seen it mentioned publically and by a number of people. He's the new president of the TLM society (taking Fr. Jared's place) of our diocese (I never can keep the official name straight, wish people would keep names simple!) He will be saying some TLMs at HR in rotation with the other priests (at least that is the latest schedule I saw as of a couple weeks ago or so. He resides in the diocese... when he isn't traveling about. That's all I know anyway.