December 18, 2012

St. Lucy Day

 I tried to find out why we eat cinnamon (or saffron) buns on St. Lucy day. But I didn't find an answer.  I think it is just an excuse to eat something sweet during Advent haha.
 In the meantime since we have so much to do these days we decided to sand and re-finish our floor. Lots of traffic here.  So we have been doing that for forever now.  Since Poppy sleeps on the couch (yes she has a bed she just sleeps on the couch and if she doesn't bother my much needed beauty rest, I don't complain, but we didn't want her sleeping on the couch that is in the hallway or off to the side due to the varnish she slept on a mat in our room.  She is one noisy sleeper.  One night she woke up screaming for Pippin to stop looking at her "like that".  We let the girls enjoy her in their room one night and they complained the entire next day that they didn't get any sleep at all. :D
 Frodo's Rosary Style....

I don't know but blurry picture or not, I think she's so doggone cute.  She's by far the cuddliest baby we've ever had. 

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