December 8, 2012


It might be noted that today is the shortest day of the year for gaining energy through solar panels.   I guess that means it just gets better from here. :) ..... just in case you were wondering.

Clarification:  this is for *our* solar panels as ours face southwest :) 


  1. I thought that day was reserved for Dec. 21st?

  2. The 21st is the shortest day of the year for people but not the shortest day for solar panels :D I try not to think about it too hard but it's something about the day the sun begins to spiral north again. I'd have to ask the solar panel guy of the house. I'm just the one-who-wants-to-be-sure-the-washing-machine-can-work-gal of the house.

  3. And I thought St. Anne was the mother of Mary and St. Elizabeth her cousin. :-)

  4. CHUCKLE! Good grief. You know, I really have to laugh when I type up silly errors, not that many read this but still. I certainly blushed! Yes, yes, St. Ann. St. Elizabeth has been on my mind alot lately though. 3 of the kids are reading from the Gospels as part of their religion course and we had just been reading about the Annunciation and how Mary "made haste" to visit her cousin Elizabeth, never stopping for a moment to think about the great honor bestowed upon her. She went right to work to do her duty in helping her cousin.

    Ah well, these ridiculous things I get myself into are good for me. haha