December 2, 2012

More of My World

 Um... Bilbo, that is sooo not a good idea.
And just what were you going to do with the bungee cord?!

(oh, and no the bookshelf isn't there to stay... it was just set up and hadn't been hauled upstairs yet.)
 For the last day of Enrichment Activities there was also a craft fair.  Frodo sold his spoons, Galadriel sold some Hobbit Cloaks and other things. And there was a whole host of other lovely items.  I meant to take a picture of the beautiful paintings that the art teacher made.
 One mother made these awesome mini-pies.
 And my favorite breadlady was there.  I made sure not to eat lunch so I could indulge in her artisan bread.  I must learn to make this bread.
 Another family made homemade doggie biscuits
 HAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm sure I know of one reader who will enjoy this quilt! :)
 AT the end of the day the 1-2 and the 3-4 graders gave a little singing concert.

 Our house is prepped for Advent.  This is the manger, the sacrifice- straw that I hope fills the manger by Christmas.  The greenery is up and the stockings are ready for St. Nicholas Day.  (usually we do that the day before but since our weeks have been very busy we opted to prep over the weekend)
 Bethlehem Village waiting for the villagers and most of all the Holy Family.  Each day the children rotate who puts a piece up. In order to put a piece (or two) up they have to tell a story.  So today was Galadriel's day and she put up Our Lady and the Angel and the story of the Annunciation (and Visitation) were told.  Some figures they can just make up an interesting tale. Since most of the pieces we have bought over the years have religious significance (wine seller, bread maker, olive press, etc...) the stories will have (or should have) a background of the Life of Christ (or the prophets)
 Sam has been covering the walls by his desk with some of his artwork.
 Now if he would just cover it with spelling words he'd be good to go!
 Oh Mom! While you were gone we had a 6 foot fire come out of the wood boiler.
Oh... really? How nice.  But couldn't that burn down the place? 
Oh, no, it would have to be 20 feet do to that.

So why, praytell was I a bit skeptical in the matter?  I'm just glad my children know to get the camera!!

I don't know why this made me think of the Mayan Calendar. (probably because my children might be the cause of the end of the world as we know it) so I looked it up and scientists believe that the world won't end on Dec 21st afterall.  But I really thought it didn't matter either way because we would have seen the Hobbit by then anyway! *chuckle*

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