December 20, 2012

Our Hobbit 2 Cents

Since we are absolutely snowed in with a lovely blizzard, perhaps I can finally finish this post.... but with so many of us opinionated selves over here... it will be a long one. But can one spend too much time reflecting on such topics as The Hobbit? Methinks not :)
I must say, "Great job Peter Jackson!" to the superb Hobbit Movie.  I took the girls in the morning and yes, they went dressed up in their hobbit attire and no... no one else did.  So I think that was just a ficticious story or old wives tale (or in this case an old priest's tale) to get a little chuckle at our rather enjoyable expense haha.  Some people chuckled, at the theater, others said, "Aw, that's cute".  We had the nicest young man wait on us as we picked up some popcorn. At the time I was wearing a Miraculous Medal as my usual medal was still at the jewelers being repaired.  The young man said, "I love your medal!"  Now, he has definitely gone into my "to pray for" memory bank.  Later he was noticing the girls' attire and said, "Not going to see the Hobbit or anything like that?" I laughed and said we were and that in fact have been counting down for forever, "We are pretty sad."  He laughed and said, "It's alright, I'm pretty sad too." Kindred spirit!  Some day we'll meet again in Middle-Earth :)

Now, there might be spoilers in here so if you don't want to know anything about the movie then just look at the pictures and don't read anything :)  but if you haven't seen it by now then I guess you won't mind spoilers! 

I must say I loved all the characters, they were all just unique in themselves, carried their own personalities and just were plain old splendid. But I think my favorite was Thorin Oakensheild... he was dark and sinister and had experienced the pains of life at battle that molded and formed his character. And then the beautiful scene after Bilbo had saved his life was just splendid.  I got a little moist in the eyes..... though from the book I know it doesn't last hahaha    But I also liked the way he carried himself.  So that said, I also loved the ever joyful and cheerful Balin who was also devoted to Thorin and was with him in the days of the old battle. 

It was also delightful to meet up with so many of my old friends from LOTR's like Gandalf, Frodo, Elrond, Galdriel....

I think Aragorn's favorite character was the Goblin King hahaha.  I found myself just staring in awe at this monstrosity.  That is not a beard up there on his face, it is one giant blob of flabby-flab.  I think it more fitting that he be called the Fat Globule King.  You've just got to see it to believe it.

Sam said he wasn't sure who is favorite character was or his favorite scene... He's a 16 year old boy so we'll let that slide for now! "I dunno" seems to be the phrase of the day these days.  It amazes me that boys of such ages can know absolutely nothing yet have opinions on everything... hahaha (if you have a teenage boy you are laughing, if you don't you are sitting there saying, "Huh?")

Following the movie, Frodo dreamt that the orcs were coming in the various doors of our house and we were battling them out.  We are certainly heroic.

Frodo's favorite character is Dwalin on the left (with the tatooed head?!). I couldn't help include the ever-joyful Balin.

Eowyn dreamt that night that there was a troll in the basement of our church and he was trying to catch and eat us.
Eowyn's favorite character is Radagast the Brown.
Galadriel had a dream that night that the boys got to go see the Hobbit for a second time and she didn't.  It was very unfair.

Galadriel's favorite was Kili (on the right) while Eleanor's favorite character was Fili (on the left).  I will admit they were a charming pair.

Rosie's favorite is also Kili.
We were totally and completely the movie theater tourists.  But you must admit, they did a great job on their costuming.  I, on the other hand, wishing not to be confused with a beardless dwarf opted to go un-constumed.
On my way out I discovered even more Hobbit posters that I wanted to get pictures of but I knew I was really getting ridiculous.

Although Bilbo didn't go to see the movie in the theater, he did dress up to go to his Hobbit Birthday Dinner. His only comment was, "I thought we were going to see the movie."  Ooops.

Bilbo received a little Bilbo character from Auntie for his birthday.
No... Pippin did not wear this get-up to the movie!  But it does look like the makings for a new super-hero... and this is much better than super-heros that wear their undies on the outside of their leotards!  It might be noted, too, that Pippin has lost 2 teeth, one on bottom, one on top, giving him a rather interesting look... but it seems to suit him.  (It might be noted I have never heard of children losing teeth cock-eyed like that but with 11 children we're bound to come up with new ideas... even if it is just teeth). The children are calling him Gollum... who had only 9 teeth according to the Riddles in the Dark

I see that I somehow missed getting a picture of Merry.  He wore a brown vest and brown cloak.  He dreamt that night that he was killing orcs.  (I'm glad he was on the good side.)

Merry and Pippin said their favorite part was "the big chin part".  That would be the Goblin King.  (I think there is something not quite right with the male population in this house.)  But their favorite character was "the little guy who rides in the swing".  During the part with the Goblin King, the one who is to send messages out to the Pale Orc that Thorin has been found.

Poppy:  Hobbit of brute strength.

These are our Denny's collector's cards. I told the children they are worth alot of extra work to earn one of these :)

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  1. Is it me, or does Poppy remind you of Chris Farley in that photo? Doing the character that live in the van down by the river. She's fierce.