October 8, 2010

Corn Maze

We took another trip to a local corn maze. As you can see from above it is a gecko theme.
This years theme came with a variety of tesselations, penrose tilings, fibonacchi numbers, and golden spirals.
They added alot of neat slides and fun things for "simple pleasures".... which never includes video games!!

The pedal cars were really great!

Even Poppy got a ride.

There were little pedal tractors too.

There were goats, chicks and probably other things I didn't see. As well as their beautiful clydesdale horses (that they still use). There were lots of other things like the corn pit to bury yourself in.

This young man was explaining the theme.
How the maze works is that you get a piece of paper with 1/8th of the maze. You follow the trails/clues until you come to a mailbox that has the next 1/8th of the maze. Bit by bit you work your way out of the maze. I didn't go in this year but other years I was generally in the last group to get out.

So I stayed behind with the little guys which still left me with 4 children....

Bilbo took the opportunity to chase the chickens.

This is the great big cumvertthat goes under the road to get to the parking lot.

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