October 16, 2010

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I ran in to town and what do I see? A skunk. What is it with all the skunks this year?
The town decided it was necessary to smash our mailbox fell all the trees along the roadside. They have really good aim. The funniest part about it is that we saw this happen, it was smashed absolutely flat. Mind you this was a gift given to us when we moved in. It had a cute little wooden house around the outside of the mail box. Later one of my scouts was out there watching from within the trees that are left as the men tried to puff the mailbox back up. We got a huge laugh but of course the town did not bother to replace the mailbox. Apparently they thought we wouldn't notice the pieces on the ground.... or something. Aragorn thought we should take it off our property taxes when they are due. hahaha

I thought I had to at least put some kind of picture on. Just one of those weeks that nothing much happened. I'm sure that is a sign of excitement to come....!

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