October 23, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Techincally Hair Yesterday, Gone Today. Bilbo proudly announced to me "I cut my hair!" O woe is me.
It is a very strange sensation to laugh with tears rolling out of your eyes while mourning the loss of those curls.

And please.... disregard the mustard on the face, this was right before his bath.

Toddler Tonsure.

This is the pile of curls... after Pippin had come along and squeezed the pile into a tight ball.

The reactions around here varied from wild laughter to
Frodo: HAHAHA He's got such a small head!
Aragorn: AHHHH, who are you?!
chuckle sniff chuckle sniff chuckle sniff chuckle sniff

This has nothing to do with the hair.


  1. Oh!! He looks so different! But sooo cute! We think he looks like Pippin :)

  2. Oh, the curls! Well, they'll come back at some point, if you want them! My 23 year old brother still has awesome curls on his head.