October 8, 2010


Since my camera is still on the blitz and I still have not called.... whoever it is.... Aragorn was kind enough to put a tic tac in my phone so I could take pictures. I don't know what it really is, I only know that it was pulled out of an old tic tac box. Don't ask.... I didn't either. But if you would like to know how Aragorn got a tic tac to allow me to share pictures feel free to email him.

So I thought I'd see if I could take some pictures with my phone.
A bit on the blurry side. but it'll do. Fall is lovely and I can hardly wait til spring!!
Wooly Bear.
Yes, we do truly live off-the-grid, these are our so-far solar panels with the wannabe-put up section yet to be completed... you know that summer project you started last spring and it is October and it's still a wannabe.
And you ask what is that jungle in the forefront. It is just that, our jungle. Some might say it started out as a garden but it morphed into something else. The project of the day was to prepare our jungle for next year's garden.

I don't know what this is but it was a nice bush. Apparently this has been in the jungle for 2 years. Yes, for the olde-time visitors of this blog, yes, that is the same pole from the windmill that blew down a year or two ... or 3 ago.

Our muskmelon crop. What do you mean "where is it?!" Pippin is holding it!

Bilbo and a frost survivor. I don't think that was such a hard frost afterall.

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